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Origin of the “Anasazi Quest” Series

IN 1978, MY FAMILY and I took our first (and only) driving tour of the American West. After days of driving and sightseeing, we spent the night in Cortez, Colorado and set out the next morning to see a little-publicized attraction called “Mesa Verde”. It turned out to be awe-inspiring. We had expected to drive […]


Mesa Verde and Environs

CLIFF DWELLINGS BUILT by the ancient Pueblo culture over a thousand years ago in what is now the southwestern United States abound in that region. Perhaps the best know, and best preserved are Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico, and Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado. At its zenith, Chaco Canyon is thought to have supported […]

About the Anasazi Quest, series of (5) Books

What happens if a book series incorporates two worlds, the “ordinary” and the “shamanic journeying” as the people try to survive in a hostile world?  It becomes plausible that each world influences the other, causing havoc in both worlds.  If one adds that shamanic journeying is consistent with present quantum theory, it raises questions about […]